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Sell Platinum Scrap Metals

Platinum Scrap Refiners & Buyers of all Precious Metals Gold,Silver & Rhodium

We are buyers and refiners of all Precious Metals including Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver and Gold scrap. Paying the best returns on all your unwanted precious metal, industrial metals waste, Silver photographic processing waste, dental Gold and industrial Platinum/Rhodium thermocouple wire. Accepting all forms of precious metal scrap for refining and recycling we can process your bench sweeps, broken Gold or Silver jewellery, Platinum wire off cuts or pieces, labware such as Platinum crucibles and all other precious metal items.

Buyers for all Types of Platinum Scrap

Send us your Platinum scrap wiring, labratory crucibles, damaged Platinum jewellery and Pt bullion bars for processing.
We can accept any form of Pt scrap material including :
Platinum Thermocouple Wire
Labware Platinum Crucibles, Lab Tongs etc.
Platinum Wedding or Engagement Rings
Investment Platinum Bullion Bars or Ingots
Casting Pt Grain (Platinum with Ruthenium or Iridium Grain)
Jewellers off cuts,scraps,filings,bench dust sweeps etc.
Temperature Sensitive Platinum Rhodium Alloy Thermocouples
Industrial Platinum Waste Flake and Wiring
Dental Scrap including Platinum Group Metals
Sheet, Rods, Grain Manufacturing Scrap
Bullion Rounds and Investment Platinum Coins
Platinum Jewellery Over Stocks and Jewellers unwanted Inventory

Refining all Types of Platinum Scrap

Sell all Gold Scrap for Refining

We buy all forms of Gold scrap for smelting, assay and recycling, paying you the highest financial return for your unwanted Gold metals. Any purity or type of waste Gold material, all investment bars or coins and broken jewellery can be sold for fast money.
Some of the scrap Gold items we deal with include :
Gold Dental Scrap Fillings and Gold Teeth
Goldsmiths Sweeps,Bench Filings,Scrap off-cuts etc.
Jewellery Store Unwanted Stock Inventories
9 carat, 18 carat, 22 ct UK Hallmarked Gold Items
Gold Casting Grain in any Purity
Placer Gold Nuggets and Alluvial Gold Dust
Ingots and Gold Melt Lemels
Unhallmarked Foreign Gold or Other Unmarked Items
Full Gold Sovereign and Half Sovereigns
Unwanted Gold Jewellery Findings and Clasps
Finishing and Polishing Dust
Broken Jewellery or Damaged Gold Jewellery Pieces
Dental Laboratory Gold Caps and Bridges
Gold Bullion Investment Gold Bars
Electroplating Gold Waste
All sizes of Gold Krugerrand Investment Coins
Hollow Gold Chain as well as Solid Neck Chains
Gold Coins (American Eagles,1oz Maples,Australian Nuggets)

Types of Gold Scrap

We Buy Scrap Silver for Recycling

Sell any type of Silver precious metals scrap material like Silver flake photographic waste, Sterling Silver 925 jewellery, dental Silver scrap or investment Ag Silver bullion ingots or coins.
An example of the extensive types of Silver we accept :
Silver pure Bullion Bar and Art 99.5% Bars
Broken Sterling Silver Jewellery
Silver Flake Photo Film Processing Material
Dental Lab Fillings and Bridges
Silver Casting Grain of Various Purity
Cutlery Silverware
Hallmarked 925 Silver Jewellery
Silver Manufacturing Sheet,Tubing and Wire
Unwanted Jewellery Store Inventory Silver Stock
Silver Spoons,Knives,Forks and Flatware
Electro-plating process Recovered Silver Waste
Ster. Silver Rings,Bangles,Necklaces and Bracelets
999 Silver Investment Bullion Ingots
Silver Coins (Britannia,Silver Maple Leaf,1oz American Eagle)

Recycling all Forms of Scrap Silver

Rhodium Scrap Metal Buyers & Refiners

Refiners of Rhodium scrap and all waste Platinum Group metals for recycling and reuse. We buy all forms of Rhodium-Platinum thermocouple wire as well as unwanted Rh Lab Crucibles, industrial equipment and Rhodium Alloys.
Some Rhodium scrap items we can process are :
Rhodium Type R Thermocouple Pt Rhodium Wire
Type S Platinum and Rhodium Thermocouple 10% Rh 90% Pt
Rhodium Alloy Labrotary Ware and Crucibles
13% Rhodium Scrap Thermo Couples
Rhodium Plating Process Waste
White Gold Rhodium Plated Jewellery

Buyers of all Types of Rhodium Metal & Rh Alloys

Sell us unwanted Pd metals and Palladium

Sell Palladium Scrap Metal and other Platinum Group Metals for recycling. We buy all types of Dental scrap Platinum group metals, Palladium bridges or caps, 950 Palladium jewellery products and industrial forms of Palladium.
Just some of the Pd metal types we process are :
Palladium Dental Scrap Crowns,Caps or Bridges
Silver Palladium Alloy
Unwanted 95% Palladium Jewellery or Neck Chains
White Gold Jewellery Palladium Alloys with Ruthenium or Iridium
Palladium Manufacturing Sheet,Rods,Solder or Wire
Casting Palladium Grain

Sell all Platinum Group Metals & Palladium Alloys

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